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Minggu, Oktober 14, 2012

"Barrels!!!!" "Stefanooooooo", and many curse words more. Who doesn't know Pewdiepie? A gamer from Sweden that has an army, it's BroArmy! I sometimes get asked  from people in omegle "Are you a bro?"
How did I find Pewdiepie?
I found a scary game from Thailand, named "Thehouse", I wont risked myself to jump from chair or hit the desktop. So I tried to find a video walktrhough of Thehouse, and found him! 

I was like, "Maaan, this is hilarious!!" then I checked to his Playlists and decided to watch all Scary Montage videos! then I really in love with his channel!!  I love when he plays:
  • SCP
  • Amnesia
  • The Grudge 
  • Happy Wheels 
  • Slenderman
  • Ao Oni
  • Many more!
Pewdepie's Scary Montage Playlist

 What I like when watching his video is,  he's funny reaction! he screams like a girl xD it feels like Pewdie and the bro get scare and shock together! I sometime scream too! 

Are you a bro? Brofist from Indonesia!

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