I decided to re-new this page~  

 Hi! I'm the writer of this blog, Annafi's here, nice to meet you! On this blog you can get lots information such as beauty products (from hair to toe) books, DIYs, interesting places to visit (mostly in Jakarta) 
My favorite colors are pink, red, grey and yellow. I spend my time by reading and writing. I like drawing too, see my blog header? I drew it ^^ My skin type is oily that's why it's difficult to find the right skin care product for me. I love local brands in Indonesia so don't worry about the price!  

 You've got oily skin and damaged hair? You may read some interesting product reviews here, hopefully you'll find interesting product to try after reading my post(s)

I named my blog SUIKALOVA because I love watermelon and Suika in Japanese language means watermelon. So there's that :)

All products in my blog I bought by myself, and all opinions are truth from myself, if you want to ask "Does it suit on me?" or "How long it will heal the acne?" well, I'm not sure cause we have different skin type, but I like to share!

I also have written on different sites about lifestyle and health. Please take a look!

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Thank you for visiting my blog, hope my posts enlightening your mind!