Review Baby-Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry, Colorless

Rabu, Oktober 17, 2012

 Hi girls! Actually I've wrote this post in 13th Oct, but collage tasks just messed up with me hahah. Okay now I want to share my new lip balm that really popular recently in Indonesia, and I got it from my cousin. She was in Singapore and kindly bought me this :D

Maaan, I love the packaging! I think she knows me so well! I got Anti-Oxidant Berry! Oh anyway in Indonesia, we only have 3 variants :( Anti-Oxidant Berry, Smoothing Cherry, and Energizing Orange. And these are colorless T.T Y U NO TINTED?! And sadly I also got colorless one hahahahaha I'm not hoki person [slap].
*Sigh* I don't understand these kanji letters! Even I've studied for 1 year Japanese language, I'm a noob in Kanji :( So I just went to another beauty blog that has English version!
  • Helps improve dry lips for smooth, supple and soft lips. *IN ONE WEEK*, REJUVENATED FEEL LIPS.
  • It has SPF 20! 
  • It claims it will moisture your lips for 8 hours.
This baby lips is so damn cute!
 Stupid hand shaked while taking this photo above +_+ But I hope you still can see, the color of this lip balm a bit pinkish, I thought this was tinted but not :(  But this has a good smell! Smell like a gum I guess? And the texture is good, not mushy. I thought it would be mushy coz it has moisture, and yes it's greasy a bit. It didn't bother that much in the end.
Like I told you, this one is colorless, so this is what you get.
This is 'Before-After' result. So moist~ [wut] Aah, I ever put this too much, made me look like I've drunk an oil. 
  • I love the packaging so much! 
  • I live in tropical city, it stay for not more than 4 hours, without eating/drinking.
  • It said, "Helps improve dry lips for smooth, supple and soft lips." for 1 week right? Sadly I just got my lip become chapped -_-) I used this baby lips for 5 days and got that result so I stopped. [sigh]
I think I'm not suitable for this variant..thank god I didn't buy this, I got this free! [Aaawww Yeaaaah] But I will definitely try if Tinted baby lips out in Indonesia! [wont give up on you Maybelline!]

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