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What Casi Zackhariyas Told Me

Senin, Maret 06, 2017

 So last week on Saturday I went to an event. You may think it was bazaar or related to music but no~ As you already know I don't really like crowded places, instead of being social butterfly like most people do I went to met strangers, like 100% strangers I never talked to or even met before. (for me, this was like crawling out of my comfort zone)

It was a talk show and we were talking about... Depression.
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Depression, my old friend from darkness. (intense stares to my past)

Why did I go there? Aren't I free from that dark world already? Why would I talked about it? A part of me was like "Bruh, are you insane? What if that dark shadow come again in your life if you think about it?" another part of me answered "I want to know it better so I can fight them back if they would come to my life ever again." Man, I really had intense fight with myself.

I went there to dig deeper and trying to know WHAT DEPRESSION REALLY IS. Have you ever felt depressed before? Tell me how does it feel! Lemme explain how depression feels like for you.

You want to go home but you're already home.
You don't want to talk to others but you feel lonely.
You want to end up your life but you're afraid to die.

You don't even know what you want, how do you enjoy your life? If someone hates you and wants you fail you'll have an urge to fight that person like "You wot m8?!!" But WHAT IF that person who hates you is yourself?


To me, whenever I wanted to be positive there's another me who would come over and push my head to the ground and mock my positive thoughts over and over again. It's like take one step ahead then take two steps backward. Let's face it-the most difficult things to do are love yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself and challenge yourself. Anything about yourself, right?

So I decided to met strangers and fought my inner beast. And I'm glad I did. (We Are The Champion plays in the background) Because I met this amazing person who has won a 20 years battle with clinical depression, Casi Zackhariyas.
thanks a lot Casi!
Casi Zackhariyas and us
20 years struggling with depression.. I can't imagine it. Being drowned for 2 years in the dark ocean named depression made me crazy-like living in hell. So please give your big and loud applause for her!

Casi shared her story about her life and I was surprised. She had wonderful career anyone would kill to get that position and she's not happy about her career. I won't spoil too much about the talk show. But here are what Casi had told us and knocked my heart and opened my mind.
  • Think that depression is a gift. A gift that make you chose the hard path to discover yourself, finding what you really want and need to do in your life.
  • Your business is your OWN freedom. Don't feel guilty or sad for too long when you can't help or can't be with someone you love especially if they push you away. You do you.
I'm glad I met her in real life, you may check her YouTube to know more about her upcoming book, 'My Pursuit Of Peace'. Check this out!

You also may need to know about Emotional Healing, I have reviewed a book about Emotional Healing here

Remember you're not alone : ) Hope this post will help you a little! I know you can beat that dark shadow!

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